The Musical Movement: The campaign

I truly believe that people should go and watch Hamilton for a number of reasons: support the arts. Actors and actress work so hard to entertain people and to get to where they want to be in life. They work hard to pursue their dreams and they have to be their very best everyday. If... Continue Reading →

Hamilton: An American Musical

What is Hamilton about? Hamilton is about the life of American founding father Alexander Hamilton. The story tells his life from young to adulthood and how he participated in historical American battles and wars. We find out more about how he became come of the founding fathers of America. We also hear about his relationships... Continue Reading →

And The Award goes to…..

Hamilton has gained so much popularity over the years and has won many awards. The show walked away with over 50 combined awards from best broadway musical to lead actor/actress. The show has gone on to have performances on the west end in London, Puerto Rico and other states in America. Since opening in December... Continue Reading →

Your Art Matters

Why we should support the arts My best friend told me once "The earth without art is just Eh" This first of all made me laugh but it also made me realise how true that is. Art is entertainment and as people we need to be entertained and be able to have a good laugh... Continue Reading →

Social media summary.

  So for this term we have been looking at how social media is used overall. I've come to the realisation that people will use social media how ever they want.  Weather its to advertise their company and products or to just simply share their interest with their friends. Some people specifically use it to... Continue Reading →

Social media advertising

Recently we have been looking at how social media is used to help promote products. We visited the store Timberland in highcross and spoke to the manager. He told us how even though its a Timberland its not an actually Timberland store....if that makes sense. to make it a bit clearer, that particular Timberland store... Continue Reading →


As early as 2006 The Me too campaign has been going. It all started Tarana Burke, a civil rights activist started it as a campaign to help young women, particularly of colour. In October 2017 Alyssa Milano used the name and hashtag-ed it and encouraged women to speak out about their experienced of sexual harassment or assault.... Continue Reading →

Where do we go from here?

where do we take A-Z Leicester from here then? what next? When we finished uploading the photos this was the end result So as you can see it reads A-Z like we wanted to as Instagram put the pictures in chronological order. we decided to bring the opacity down on each picture so that you... Continue Reading →

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