More friends please

So I created a pop art of my friend, who didn’t even know I was taking this photo…….Not creepy LOL but in that moment I just thought ‘wow my friend looks very pretty right now’ so I took the opportunity to take a nice picture.

I find that I always hang around with the same small group of people all the time. And I also find that people are constantly on their phones living in the social media world. Just to have a conversation with my friends without them looking at their phone for 5 mins is a struggle. I’d love it if we could turn our phones off for the day and just chill and talk and not thing about who’s watching our snap story or who’s recently tweeted.

Friends should be there to talk too when you need them. I’m not saying this friend isn’t a good friend but id just like people to be able to put their phones down and not feel lost.




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