Defiantly Didn’t pass Geography……

I decide to test my geography knowledge and play this map game thingy. As you can see from my resulst I only got one complete right and a few not far off and one that was waaaaaaay off.

Considering I failed my Geography GCSE I think I did quite well, Maybe it’s time I went back and tried again………..Lol never will I do that exam again. Way to stressful.

I only really know a few cities in England, Let alone the rest of the world.

Every time I travel to a new place I try to figure out if I’ve heard of the place before. Especially when traveling on the train. Found out today the theres a place called Ely, In Cambridgeshire. Not sure how long that place has been there. But hey I’m learning as i go alone, isn’t that what life is about. New Experience, learning new things.



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