Having to give yourself flowers.

Drawing small isn’t that hard when you know how to draw something. Flowers are the only thing I can draw to a good enough standard.

So once in a while I decide to draw them, pin them on my wall and think am I really only going to receive flowers when I die?

It may be a sad thought but its true. Most people only receive flowers once they have passed away. I believe flowers shouldn’t just be for the dead. They shouldn’t be to pay respect. They should show life and meaning and love.

My favourite flowers are Peonies

peonies.jpgimage – Peonies

I just love the pale pink colour and all the other amazing colours that you can get them in. I sometimes think about what flowers I would get from my future Boyfriends and maybe even my husband. Will they know my favourite flower is?
I hope so.

I’d hate it if someone got me flowers that I didn’t like and I know I should be grateful for receive them,  but for me its not just about the flowers. Its about the fact that people are actually taking the time to get to know my likes and dislikes.






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