How is the use of social media contributing to the digital transformations in the fabric of everyday life? 


How confident are you?

We define social media as an online platform where we can share our lives with each other.

So much of our lives is shared on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc that people get caught up in this digital world. Were so used to technology that we can’t seem to go days or even hours without it. Everyone is always online in some way. Whether is on your phone or laptop. We are so comfortable with technology that we actually feel lost without it. If we don’t have our phone in our had or near us 24/7 we feel lost.

When it comes to technology and confidence we use it as a comfort blanket to hide behind. Just simply walking down the street most of us have our phones in our hands and headphones in to keep our distance from the real world. Weather we get that escape from simply listening to music or just so that we don’t have to interact with people when walking. We use it as a defence mechanism, especially on public transport. We do this so that we can keep ourself of ourself and complete our daily tasks in peace. This is mainly the younger generation that do this as they have grown up with technology in their hands. But is it a bad thing that we do this? or should we consider cutting this down?

Maybe not. Some people become producers of media and chose to share their creations. When it comes to YouTube, people become YouTubers and post videos every week and gain a following. This is how these people live their lives and make their money.

People like Logan Paul and Lindy Tsang  They live through YouTube. These people have the confidence to put themselves out there online.

But what about those that are not so confident.

In this day and age we find that there is a lot of shaming. Wheater its body shaming or just finding some way of bringing a person down it’s not right. People use their social media platforms to do this. They hide behind their screen and comment on people’s content, but they wouldn’t have the confidence to do it in person. Social media is a place where they can do what they want, when they want. It’s defiantly not a safe place.
Consumer verses the user/producer
This is about how we can become our own producers. We can create whatever we want and share it while still being a user of that social media platform. We see it all the time, with people becoming YouTube famous, they created their content and shared it with us. Those that don’t create consume what is being put in front of us. This is how people are easily influenced and so their confidence levels are all over the place. One day someone could have a sever lack of confidence, then the next day they see a video on ‘how to be confident and own your life’ and then they are doing things they wouldn’t normally do. social media is a very influential place.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 15.34.59.png

Cheer up luv
Talking more about confident, Cheer up luv is a photojournalism project that documents women who have been a victim of sexual harassment to any extent in public. an Instagram page and website was set up that allows women tell their story.

It all started with Eliza Hatch when she decided to share her experience after constantly being cold to ‘cheer up love’ by many people, she had has enough after one strange man said it to her on the street and she decided to bring awareness to it online.

These type of stores links with the whole topic of body shaming as some of these women get cat called and harassed because of the way they look. Because of this harassment this can knock the confidence of women and they could event stop using social media because of these type of men.

Snap Chat.

‘Our everyday photos are a way of heightening our own daily experiences and making them special to ourselves’ (Rettberg 2014)

As a person that uses snap chat, I find myself using the filters a lot and when i thought about this further I found that I actually post more pictures with a filter on them than i do without.

I looked into it more and even my friends do it. Is this because were not confident with the way we look, or that we want to look more appealing to our viewers.

‘In today’s algorithmic culture the filter has become a pervasive metaphor for the ways in which technology can remove certain content and how it can alter or distort texts, images and data. Filters can be technological, cultural or cognitive, or they can be a combination of these’ (Rettberg 2014, p.20)

This quote can refer a lot to snap chat filters, as it changes your picture, sometimes dramatically. Do people do this to feel pretty? to make themselves feel better? to lie to the world and make it look like they are having the best life?


Since the start of the year 2000 we have been made the centre of social media due to an upgrade from web 1.0 to web 2.0 this allows the user to become more active with their profile and what they see on the app/website that they use.

Don’t trust everything seen on social media. Some people live for making up fake news, is this another way to hide their true feelings. Make things up about other people so they don’t have to deal with their own problems?


Making is connecting  by David Gauntlett

Gauntlette argues that we change to becoming more involved than disconnected towards media. He talks about this in his book Making is connection

Gauntlett’s suggests that we are producers of media, as we can create anything and share it, if what we create becomes popular then we could easily influence others. this is a one of the reasons why social media affects our confidence when we actually have to do things with people in real life or even just do something for ourselves.

We get so comfortable behind our keyboard that face to face interaction is starting to disappear. For example I’ve found that this younger generation will go about dating using social media. the new phrase ‘Sliding into the DM’s’ (direct message) is something that I find people using often. Is this the new way of meeting people?

When the less confident people stay behind their keyboard they could become jealous of what they see from others. The confident people sometimes rely on their content being seen and getting likes to make themselves feel better. They thrive on knowing that they have people following and watching them and that their content is going viral.

For people who are constantly online connecting isn’t just between people it’s also between people and companies and advertisers connect with people just by using the person’s recent search history. This helps them target you on social media platforms like Facebook. So for this YouTubers that share their lives, they are contacted by companies and they get freebies to promote their products like Lindy Tsang

Pages like Imjustbait on Instagram share things that are funny and not so funny. These are the they of videos that viral. When looking at this page I just see people who are desperate to be noticed, but at the same time they do share things that are helpful. For example they shared this

Cardboard box office
Comprised of a family for 4, they simply recreate famous movie scenes by using cardboard boxes. It all started when they moved countries and had a load of spare empty boxes. They decided to get creative and make something new to share with people.

These people made a fun and exciting new project out of something ordinary. They used their imagination and decided to share it online. This project just shows that you don’t have to bring people down or show off to make people interested.

So to end it all off, what I found was that social media has a big impact on people’s everyday lives.






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