Social media summary.


So for this term we have been looking at how social media is used overall.

I’ve come to the realisation that people will use social media how ever they want.  Weather its to advertise their company and products or to just simply share their interest with their friends. Some people specifically use it to make money, for example becoming a social media influencer on sights such as Instagram. These people tend to be ‘good looking’ as they can catch peoples eye and have a big following.

Social media is also a place where people can stay informed and share important things. for example the #Metoo movement went viral in 2017 from one celebrity tweeting it and encoring other to tell their stories.

but since reading articles about the movement, created Tarana Burke has since stated that she doesn’t even recognise her campaign anymore due to the way it been used on social media.

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Social media can be a good thing but can also easily be a bad thing. I truly believe that some people are addicted to social media and technology in general.

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 22.28.16

In this day and age we are seeing more young children with smart phones and tablets to keep them entertained. what happened to the days where children would just play outside and colour and all that. Now we are seeing 7 year olds earn $22million just by playing with toys on camera.


It’s amazing how you can just make a load of money by doing something simple as along as it goes viral. But this just shows how social media has an affect on us today. Do people really not have anything better to do any watch a kid open toys?

Social media has a big influence on those that participate in it and sometime the influence is not a good one. especially when it comes to the ‘good looking’ influencers. sometimes seeing people that look so good can bring us down and give us negativity.

and done even get me started on the comment section. especially on Youtube. People can be so rude, But because they are behind a screen they feel invincible.

Social media is a good thing when your promoting your company and products and by having people share it this will obviously bring in the money for you. So this is one of the ways the social media can be good. Also when you simply just want to keep in contact with someone. Say it’s a relative that lives in a different country. It’s much easier and cheaper to contact them through say, Facebook than having to buy a telephone card, putting money on it and calling them all for 10 minutes as you’ve used up all the money on the card. Social media is a hassle free way to do all this.

I think the lesson here is that we should use social media but in moderation. And we must be careful with the content that we upload as it can be highly offensive or just plain boring.


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