Summer of hunger

Over the summer more than 30,000  meals were given out to children in Leicester for free as past of a way of beat holiday hunger. £28,000 was given by the government to support this local scheme. this was started to help families who struggle to feed their kids without the help of free school meals.

Cllr Sarah Russell said: “It’s estimated that around 3 million children in the UK were at risk of going hungry during the recent school holidays.”

with the long summer break, some parent find it difficult to give their children a midday meal as the children would have had this at school from the free meal. This scheme is such a way to give to those who can’t provide. Children shouldn’t have to wait hours until their next meal so by giving out these meals not only does it help the parent but it also puts a smile on the kids faces which is such a precious thing.

There were so many volunteers to help feed the children.

Eilidh Stringer, funding and communications manager at Action Homeless, said: “This project simply wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of volunteers so we’d like to pay tribute to their hard work and commitment.

This story brings me back to when i helped out by feeding the homeless with my youth group at church. we did all kinds of things like even fixing up gardens for those who either don’t have the time or who physically can’t. We put on a community day where people could just come and eat, talk and even get their car washed all for free.


Since 2010 a group of people from my church would make a yearly trip to Haiti to help rebuild communities, educate and feed the children and adults.

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 21.58.32.png

Hearing things like this makes me feel like there is actual still come humanity in the world and that people care.

I think this is just the beginning to helping families over the summer. I think there could potentially be more for the children, for example summer clubs where they can get out the house and actually make friends instead of using technology to keep them from being bored.

The meals were being served at community centres and churches and all the meals were healthy and nutritious. They hope to be able to do this again next year to help even more families.





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