And The Award goes to…..

Hamilton has gained so much popularity over the years and has won many awards.

The show walked away with over 50 combined awards from best broadway musical to lead actor/actress. The show has gone on to have performances on the west end in London, Puerto Rico and other states in America.

Since opening in December 2017 Hamilton, London won 7 Oliver awards in 2018.

The show in London has been going since december 2017 and is opened ended meaning the show will close when producers decide it end it. This clearly shows that the show is so popular as its been running for 5 years in many different places.

Hamiltons 3rd U.S Tour in Puerto rico will star Lin-Manuel Miranda again as the lead role since he finished the show in 2015.

Hamilton will be adapting the show to the german language for productions in Hamburg starting in autumn of 2020. this just proves that Hamilton is a well loved show. People travel from all over the world to see it. When I watched the show in London back in June last year, I over heard two women say they traveled from Australia to watch it.

The show has even gotten some attention from royalty.


And the cast even performed some of the numbers at the white house for the best president Barak Obama. The video is a bit long but you can skip to 9mins to hear them perform.


Hamiltons gained its success daily through it narrative. the face that the story is told through rap and hip hop, it helps to connect the younger audience who are into that genre of music and by connecting they are also learning about American history without even realising it.

I truly believe that another reason Hamilton has gained success is because of its casting choices.

wiki: color-conscious casting of non-white actors as the Founding Fathers and other historical figures,

by doing this it also gives up and coming actors hope that they don’t always have to fit in the description of the character that they want to audition for. A lot of actors don’t go for roles because of the fact that they don’t fit the description. Hamilton breaks the barriers of this. The real people that the show is based on are all white, so by having the cast all a mixture of races it gets people talking and makes them interested.

Hamilton will continue to have success, especially with its open-ended shows. I love this musical and I think people should watch it at some point in their lives.


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